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Congratulations to Pat Adams for book reading in Fort Myers Friday, November 20!

Memoirs of an Everglades Pioneer continues to enlighten readers with the story of Pat's grandmother, Gertrude Petersen Winne, who forged a new life in Everglades with her young family.


Editorial Rx Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Female Pioneers of Fort Myers: Women Who Made a Difference in the City's Development by Robin C. Tuthill and Thomas P. Hall. 

Female Pioneers of Fort Myers: Women Who Made a Difference in the City’s Development shares for the very first time the rich personal stories of a group of exceptional women who suffered and overcame rigorous hardships, incomprehensible loss and numbing tragedies, significantly impacting the development of the town’s culture, building and amenities from 1866 through the 1900s.

The collective contributions of these remarkable women and their impact on their contemporaries and future generations demonstrate that anyone is capable of great things, regardless of gender, race, or any other personal attribute that falls outside the culturally perceived “norm.” 

Look for this exciting new publication in early December on and on Amazon!


Available Again: Simone’s Maxims Updated and Expanded AND Memoirs of an Everglades Pioneer

Simone’s Maxims Updated and Expanded: Understanding Today’s Academic Medical Centers continues to connect with readers

In today's challenging professional work world, Dr. Joseph Simone's helps readers navigate the professional work arena where loyalty and change often conflict. A book that is honest and compelling, Simone's Maxims is a must-have compass for personal and professional decision-making.

First-run copies of this title is depleted but new copies are now available to continue to challenge and delight readers.

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