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Editorial Rx Press is pleased to announce two new titles to its collection:

--Collected Poems by Joseph V. Simone, MD (see News below)

--Female Pioneers of Fort Myers: Women Who Made a Difference in the City's Development

Congratulations to Robin Tuthill and Tom Hall for their new publication Female Pioneers of Fort Myers: Women Who Made a Difference in the City's Development.

Female Pioneers of Fort Myers: Women Who Made a Difference in the City’s Development shares for the very first time the rich personal stories of a group of exceptional women who suffered and overcame rigorous hardships, incomprehensible loss and numbing tragedies, significantly impacting the development of the town’s culture, building and amenities from 1866 through the 1900s.


Publications by Joseph V. Simone: New Addition - Collected Poems

Collected Poems by Joseph V. Simone, MD

Thanks to Oncology Times for announcing Dr. Joseph V. Simone's newest publication, "Collected Poems."  

Dr. Simone has spent his career as a pediatric oncologist, a cancer center director, and a physician leader at leading national organizations and institutions. In this newest publication, he presents his lyrical view of life that is both insightful and challenging.

Order your copy of this charming and evocative poetry chapbook today!

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Our newest title, Female Pioneers of Fort Myers: Women Who Made a Difference in the City’s Development, offers a fresh and insightful look at key women 'movers and shakers' who over time made Fort Myers the city it is today. Illustrated with images throughout, this fascinating book gives a snapshot view with exciting details and history. Authors Robin Tuthill and Tom Hall are congratulated for bringing to these stories of courage and tenacity from the past to readers today.

This book is also available on Kindle for those readers who prefer ebooks.

Simone’s Maxims Updated and Expanded: Understanding Today's Academic Medical Centers also offers the latest perspective about the practice of medicine and how health care providers can best acheve their professional goals. Dr. Joseph Simone, author of the seminal "Simone's Maxims," speaks to all generations of physcians and health care providers about the hard truths of medicine and personal success.


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