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Simone’s Maxims Updated and Expanded: Understanding Today’s Academic Medical Centers

By Joseph V. Simone, MD

For physicians and other health care providers striving to achieve their professional goals and make the right career choices, this book provides needed advice and insights by a recognized expert leader. 

A must-read for those in the medical field who are or will be making difficult career choices amid the complex issues currently facing today's health care practitioners. 


Available Again: Simone’s Maxims Updated and Expanded AND Memoirs of an Everglades Pioneer

Simone’s Maxims Updated and Expanded: Understanding Today’s Academic Medical Centers and Memoirs of an Everglade Pioneer continue to connect with readers

In today's challenging professional work world, Dr. Joseph Simone's helps readers navigate the professional work arena where loyalty and change often conflict. A book that is honest and compelling, Simone's Maxims is a must-have compass for personal and professional decision-making.

Memoirs of an Everglades Pioneer is a unique snapshot by a woman who lived in a man's world foraging a new life for herself and family. Compelling and honest, this unique story is a power of example about living a life of adventure amid the days of yesterday in the frontiers of Florida.

First-run copies of both these titles were depleted, and new copies are now available to continue to challenge and delight readers.

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Simone’s Maxims Updated and Expanded: Understanding Today's Academic Medical Centers also offers the latest perspective about the practice of medicine and how health care providers can best acheve their professional goals. Dr. Joseph Simone, author of the seminal "Simone's Maxims," speaks to all generations of physcians and health care providers about the hard truths of medicine today.

Dr. Thomas Flynn, in the short primer, Evolving Medical Ethics and Justice shows with direct simplicity the importance of bioethics to our culture today. Read this book today and gain insights into the current thinking behind major and personal medical decisions and approaches.  Offered at a sale price of $9.95.

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